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4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Car in the Best Condition During Summer

Summer is a fantastic time to put on your favourite thongs and shorts and hit the beach. It’s also a great time to take benefit of the longer days and take a drive across the town or along the seashore.

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It’s particularly elating while driving and listen to your favourite albums, relax and enjoy the night life.

However, before enjoying Australia’s wonderful summer weather, you’ll have to ensure your car is in a perfect condition. After all, you won’t like if your summer plans are spoiled by a breakdown!

Here are some practical tips to take care of your car in summer and avoid expensive repairs.

1. Keep Your Vehicle Clean

A clean car can evoke a feeling of pride in you; but it’s not limited only to that.

Cleaning your car can help you stop untimely corrosion as well as hidden damage that can reduce the lifespan of your car.

Wash the exterior of your vehicle weekly if you can, scrubbing it fully and rinsing thoroughly. This will eliminate tar, road grime and tree sap that sticks to the glasses and paint.

The cleaning of the interior should be performed monthly including an interior wipe-down with a wet cloth, window clean and a thorough vacuum.

If the car’s interior is dirty, it can increase wear and the dust accumulated can cause failure of electrical parts.

Also make sure your vehicle doesn’t contain asbestos especially if it’s old. It’s better to contact Dazmac Logistics for asbestos in old cars so as to eliminate the health risk.

2. Changing Engine Oil

Engine oil is the life force of your vehicle. It performs numerous jobs such as lubricating internal components, cooling your engine and preventing corrosion in the engine’s interior.

If your oil is dirty or low and you don’t pay attention to it, you may have to get stuck at the roadside waiting for a tow truck.

Hence you should regularly change your engine oil, as per your carmaker’s maintenance schedule, though summer is a great time for it.

Also check your engine coolant, transmission fluid and other fluids simultaneously.

3. Fixing the Check Engine Light

An illuminated Check Engine light may be the most common trouble you may come across.

This light indicates that your car is not in a good health in terms of something, though it cannot tell what the issue exactly is.

Never ignore your Check Engine light. Although the issue could be as small as a loose fuel cap, it might even be a bigger one that could cost you thousands of dollars on repair if not rectified on time, or even worse, leave you stranded.

4. Checking Your Car Tyres

Your car tyres are the main bases of your safety when you are in your car. They are the only components of your car that are in touch with the ground and hence it’s logical to keep them in the best condition.

Make sure you don’t under- or over-inflate your tyres because both are unsafe and can cause excessive wear of tread.

Check if the inflation is good or not every month and fine-tune the pressure as per the placard on the driver’s door jamb.

Ensure there is minimum 3mm of tyre tread remaining. If you are not sure, get it checked from a professional mechanic. If the tread left is less than 3mm, you should replace the tyres.

You should also make sure your spare tyre is correctly inflated and in good condition in case it’s required in the event of a flat.

You can get car and American boat imports with Dazmac Logistics; but you should take care of your car regularly with the above tips. Only then you can enjoy the perks of summertime in your car.

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