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The Ultimate Checklist for Buying a Used Car

For some motorists, the second hand car market is to be avoided at all costs, having heard many horror stories of unsuspecting buyers who ended up with a real dud, and to be honest, it does happen. There are those who are skilled in dressing up a car, making it look a little better than it actually is, and if the buyer is prepared to pay an inflated price, then all is well. In order to protect yourself against the villains in the used car industry, here is the ultimate checklist for buying a used car.

  • Buy From an Approved Dealer – This eliminates the risk of buying a dud, and if you are looking for a quality car, there are dealers who buy used BMW cars in Wakefield, and with their very high standards, you would receive a 12-month unlimited warranty, such is their confidence. Before any used car is put on the forecourt, it would be thoroughly inspected and tested, and any defects would be remedied, leaving the car in perfect condition.
  • Budget – Before you can begin to look at second hand cars, you need to have a figure in mind, an amount you can afford, and if your heart is set on something that’s a little out of range, consider an older version of the same model, which would definitely be cheaper. Most dealers would offer very competitive finance, and with your old car as a trade in, it is affordable and for many motorists, it is the only option.
  • Full Service History – FSH, as it is known in the trade, gives detailed information on every service or repair that the vehicle has undergone, and a full history means the vehicle has been properly maintained, with services at the required mileage intervals, and the stamp of the garage would be in a small square provided in the owner’s manual, which is typically at the rear of the publication, next to the specifications. FSH guarantees top dollar when you resell.
  • Online Solutions – The digital highway allows us to browse for just about any product, and there are quality cars showcased by established approved online dealers at affordable prices. Browsing websites saves you time, as driving from showroom to showroom can take an entire day, and with easy to navigate websites, you simply click on the model you are interested in, and the results will show their inventory.
  • Practicality – Often, our emotions take control when it comes to choosing a set of wheels, and while that sleek two seater convertible seemed like a good idea at the time, an SUV would have been so much better. Make sure the vehicle is suitable for your lifestyle (and budget) and try not let your heart rule your head.

The used car market can be a minefield and by using a manufacturer approved dealer, you can be sure you are getting value for money, and with a solid warranty, you can relax and enjoy the driving experience.