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What Are New and Amazing Features in Spyder RT-S Special Series

Not just the exemplary comfort and speed, but also the elegant and classy look of Spyder RT-S Special Series is one of the reasons why people are attracted to it. The overall appearance of the bike makes it quite captivating. So, if you are looking to buy this wonderful bike, then we have compiled a set of features to equip you with some more knowledge about it.

Six Speed Transmissions

The six-speed transmission system and sophisticated hydraulic clutch system renders a perfect blend of fuel economy and comfort. A user is provided with manual or semi-automatic forms of transmission that both include reverse functionality. In case of a semi-automatic system, a user is required to use his thumb and index finger for shifting the paddle.

Rear Air Suspension

To make the best and the most comfortable ride experience for the passenger, BRP Spyder provides trailers and distinctive riding style. The air shock provided in this bike has 5 settings that can be easily adjusted at the time of riding. Plush Sachs shocks deliver ease and convenience on even bumpy country roads.

Eco-Mode Smart Assist

This feature lets a driver optimize their shifting behaviour. A gauge light present on the system reflects the right time to shift to lower the usage of fuel, especially on long trips.

Spyder RT Series: Luxury Features

Change with the Weather

One of the distinguishing factors in these bikes is that by activating the cruise control option, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. With the help of thermal rider grip, your hands remain warm. An electrically adjustable windshield helps in reacting to frequent changes in weather conditions quickly and efficiently.

Audio System

This bike provides a wide range of entertainment features to its passengers. With a facility of an AM or FM audio system, satellite-radio-equipped weather band and rear speakers with self-regulating audio control give an opportunity to make the journey much more enjoyable.

Passenger Comfort Features

The Y-shaped frame design gives a sense of peace-of-mind to the driver and passengers. The ergonomic backrest, heated grips, adjustable footboards, and audio control options pamper them all the way.

These are some of the most beneficial features that make Spyder RT-S really special. Performance enhancement features, better control, sturdiness, low maintenance and royal look are available under limited edition at a very reasonable price. So, grab it until it is too late.